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Traditionally, the remix title format is: Your Title (The Blah Blah Remix)

So for example, Aralias has written a fic called Millipede (The Bones of the Hand Remix)
When my fic goes up, it will either be called Gauda Prime and Prejudice and Vampires' (The 'Once More With Fangs' Remix) or Gauda Prime and Prejudice and Vampires (The 'Bad Things' Remix).

Regarding how to choose your subtitle, Aralias wrote (long ago) in  in this post:

i think the main point of the subtitles is to immediately tell the reader that it's a remix. you look down a list of titles and it's immediately obvious which ones are remixes. neither the title, nor the subtitle have to be the original title, though some people do use the original title as their main title (thus the point of the funky remix subtitle is to distinguish the two).

i mainly choose my subtitles by picking out the main remix idea. like fairytale romance - 'the happy endings remix', which was my backwards merlin fic all about happy endings, or '500 bottles of beer - the really growing on me remix', was all about how eight realised that he liked the master after all. i like that because 500 bottles is sort of a silly title, but it does imply the waiting, and then the subtitle actually explains more about the fic. i think song titles are quite popular. i've certainly used... two. but people do do that. and one of my drabble remixes was just 'the shade's remix', which worked pretty well, because the doctor was semi-implied to be the shade in the original and now it was from his POV (so that's sort of 'what the remix is about'.

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