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Acts and Lies (4054 words) by mithen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kerr Avon/Roj Blake
Characters: Kerr Avon, Roj Blake, Jenna Stannis, Vila Restal, Olag Gan, Cally (Blake's 7)
Additional Tags: Pretending to be lovers, Acting, Romance

For Blakefest! A gift to Elviaprose, for the prompt: "Avon’s a horrible actor, as we see in Assassin. Let’s have some more of that. And let’s have Blake try to help him improve."

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Title: Grains
Written/Drawn/etc by: [personal profile] paranoidangel
Written for: [ profile] la_avispa
Pairing/Characters: Servalan/Avon
Rating: PG
Length: 2000 words
Prompt: It was not Tarrant but Avon, who found himself alone with
Servalan on the sand planet with only one way to survive. I don’t mind
extra pairings in the fic. Any rating, but no slash, please.
Warnings: None
Summary: It's not Tarrant, but Avon, who finds himself along with Servalan on Virn.

On AO3
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A vid, for the prompt:

Something about the Liberator/Scorpio crew/random by-standers who die fighting the Federation and remaining hopeful despite all of the odds and everything going wrong to The Cave by Mumford and Sons.

Link to the video:

And a fic:

Title: "But Since I Am a Dog, Beware My Fangs"
Prompt: What if the Blake's 7 universe had Daemons, like in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials? Any fic exploring this concept would be cool. Do intelligent machines get Daemons or not? What about mutoids? What about Cally? (A million bonus points for any or all of: Avon and Vila having shenanigans, the Federation being evil, Avon's daemon fighting/mating/cuddling like mad while he pretends to be unemotional)
Pairing: Avon/Blake (Pre-slash), with a brief allusion to past Avon/Tynus
Rating: Teen
Summary: "What everyone else paraded for the world to see, Blake kept hidden. That thought, which had at first been a simple observation, had become Avon’s justification for what he was doing."
Link to Story:

Great prompts! I enjoyed filling both of them a lot.
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Recipient: [ profile] wellharkather

Artist: [personal profile] clocketpatch


Prompt 1: Tarrant, Tarrant's two brothers and his sister (all played by Steven Pacey) used to be in a barbershop quartet.

Tarrant Quartet:

Characters: Tarrant, and Tarrant, and Tarrant, and Tarrant
Warnings: None
Media: Coloured pencil on paper

Prompt 2: Mpreg. More specifically, Avon mpreg. The reason he was looking so hard for Blake was because he had some wonderful news for him.

Where I would follow:

Characters: Avon
Warnings: None
Media: Pastel on paper, finished in GIMP

Prompt 3: Daemons. i don't even care who. Just want Daemon AU. Well, maybe leaning towards Vila. Yes, Vila daemon, that is what i want.

Vila Daemon:
Characters: Vila, Tarrant
Warnings: None
Media: Pencil on paper

B7 Daemons:
Characters: Avon, Blake, Servalan
Warnings: None
Media: Acrylic on canvas



I hope you enjoy your Blakefest gifts (I absolutely enjoyed making them!), and there should be fic as well… eventually.                                                                               


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Length: About 2,000 words
Prompt: Jarvik doesn't die capturing the Liberator. Their ongoing relationship forces Servalan to assess the balance between passion and autonomy.
Warnings: Major character death.
Summary: The Supreme Empress grants an interview.

Available at:
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Welcome to the masterlist for Blakefest 1: In the Blake Midwinter!

As you can see, it's a bit empty at the moment, but it will be continually updated the through the weekend as y'all post your projects and let me know about them.

Please comment with the following information, so it can be linked below:

A direct link to your story/art/podfic/vid/meta/etc (no a href tags, just http//: etc)
Main characters and rating
Who you created it for

Cross-posting is encouraged! On Tuesday, I will also post the masterlist to various Blake comms around the net. If you're posting on AO3, there is a collection, which you can post to or not, as you like.


To the Pain by [personal profile] aralias for [ profile] corngold [Avon, Blake, Jenna, Vila | PG-13]
Who Does the Wolf Love? by [personal profile] executrix for [ profile] emuna [Servalan/Jarvik | PG-13]
But Since I Am a Dog, Beware My Fangs by [ profile] elviaprose for [ profile] clocketpatch [Blake/Avon | PG-13]
Grains by [personal profile] paranoidangel for [ profile] la_avispa [Avon/Servalan | PG]
Acts and Lies by [ profile] mithen for [ profile] elviaprose [Blake/Avon, Jenna, Vila, Cally, Gan | PG-13]
11.50PM by [ profile] emuna for [personal profile] paranoidangel [OCs | PG]
The Last Holidays by [ profile] la_avispa for [ profile] mithen [Avon, Vila, Gan, Cally, Blake, Jenna, Servalan | G]
First Blossom, Then Bear Fruit by [ profile] corngold for [personal profile] aralias [Blake/Avon | NC-17]
There was a light the last time we spoke by [ profile] clocketpatch for [ profile] wellharkather [Tarrant, Jenna/Zen, Blake/Avon, Vila, Dayna, Orac, Dev Tarrant | PG]

Tarrant Quartet by [ profile] clocketpatch for [ profile] wellharkather [Tarrant brothers and sister | G]
Avon Mpreg by [ profile] clocketpatch for [ profile] wellharkather [Avon | G]
Daemons by [ profile] clocketpatch for [ profile] wellharkather [Vila, Tarrant, and Blake, Avon, Servalan | G]
La Mode Revolutionnaire by [ profile] wellharkather for [personal profile] executrix [Blake, Avon, Soolin, Vila | G]

The Cave by Mumford & Sons by [ profile] elviaprose for [ profile] clocketpatch [Avon, Vila, Tarrant, Dayna, Soolin, Blake | G]

"She is more human than I am": a discussion of the Auronar and alienness by [personal profile] aralias for [personal profile] executrix

(These are the categories I am expecting, but I could still be surprised and would love to be so.)

While you're here, let's talk the future of Blakefest:

(You do not have to have been involved this time in order to vote)

Poll #15002 The future of Blakefest
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 8

I would like another Blakefest...

View Answers

some time in August
6 (75.0%)

about the same time next year
5 (62.5%)

I don't really want another one
0 (0.0%)

Something else - I will explain in the comments
0 (0.0%)

And any thoughts/issues/suggestions you have about the way this one was run can be left in the comments or sent to me at
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Hi all. I know about a lot of people already from just seeing you around DW and LJ so I know that people seem to be doing OK, but this is a reminder anyway that-


or if you'd prefer to think of it this way:

IT'S ONLY ONE MONTH UNTIL YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR [community profile] blakefest GIFT!
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Assignments have all gone out! Please reply to the email I sent through, so I know all has gone according to plan (just like it didn't on Gauda Prime).

If you haven't got an email, let me know. If you're really unhappy with your assignment let me know, but I'm hoping that I matched you with someone you will like writing, arting, etc for.

All fic, art, podfics, vids, graphics and meta to be posted between the 23rd and 25th of February.

Have a nice Gauda Prime Day.
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Hi all,

I've created an AO3 collection here for you to post your stuff to when it's done and after the reveal date - it's

I've already matched up everyone. So... if lots of people show up and say they'd like their requests now rather than on a symbolically appropriate day then I can send all the prompts out today. Otherwise - less than a week to go!
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Final day of sign ups!

Sign up here.
Rules here.
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Hi everyone. Just a reminder that [community profile] blakefest sign-ups close in two days! Plenty of people have signed up to play - please do join us :D
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Just so everyone's aware, here is a post to let you know that: since I opened sign-ups I've added two new categories of media for requesting and offering i.e. graphics and meta. This means the full list of media available is now fic plus art, podfic, vids, graphics or meta.

If you've already signed up, but you want to request or offer either of the new categories, just edit your sign up.
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Blake Fest is technically non-denominational. THAT SAID:

Have you photoshopped a crap Santa hat onto a Blake's 7 character recently? Post it in the comments here.

Here's some I made earlier:

 photo blakechristmas.jpg

 photo travisjewish.gif


Nov. 29th, 2013 10:50 pm
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Signups for 'Blake Fest 2013-14: In the Blake Midwinter' are OPEN.

You'll find the sign-up form below. Submit your form, with the types of fic, art, podfic, vids, graphics or meta you want to create and receive, by Saturday 14th December. After that, all the forms will be shuffled and you'll receive at least three prompts for fic and possibly art, podfic, meta, graphics or vids from which to choose your project.

How to sign up:

1: READ THE RULES. If you have any questions, the answer's probably in the rules. If it isn't, leave a comment.

2: FILL OUT THE FORM. There are separate forms for art and fic and podfic and vids and graphics and meta, all of which can be copypasted from the text box below. You have to request fic, but you can also request any combination of the other media. (N.B. You have to leave three prompts for any category you wish to play in).

You can sign up to produce fic, art, podfic, vids, graphics, meta or any of the above. Although you have to leave multiple prompts, you will only have to answer one (even if you agree to produce any of the genres). There are prompt guidelines in the rules.

3: SUBMIT THE FORM in a comment to this post. All comments will be screened to protect your privacy and keep you all in suspense.

4: Your prompts should arrive on Gauda Prime Day for a hand-in date range of Saturday 22nd February to the Monday 24th February

An example form )

You can edit your prompt any time from now until the 14th. DW users can just edit their comments. I don't know about OpenID people (try, though), and anon comments definitely can't be edited, but if you leave more an one comment I'll use the latest version.

If comments aren't working for whatever reason, email me at


Nov. 29th, 2013 10:49 pm
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The following people have volunteered to beta. If you think you're going to need them, please PM or email at least two weeks before the deadline.

[personal profile] aralias
[personal profile] elviaprose
[personal profile] clocketpatch
[ profile] la_avispa
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