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Welcome to our third Blakefest!  

For this fest, we're going to be trying something different: a remix challenge.  If you sign up, I will assign you another B7 writer to remix. You can choose among their fics and remix one or more of them.  Someone will also be assigned to remix one or more of your fics. If you don't want to participate formally but still want to play in some capacity, we will have a "remix madness" after the formal part of the challenge, in which you can remix someone's fic OR in which you can put your fic forward to be remixed by anyone who would care to.   

The rules:
To participate in the formal challenge you must:
1) Have previously publicly posted (at the time of signup) at least 3 B7 fics of more than 1000 words.  
2) Be willing both to remix and to be remixed. 
3) Be willing to write a remix of a fic that does not necessarily ship the same pairing(s) you do. You may not change the pairing, although you may focus on elements of the story that do not involve the pairing.  
4) Be able to post your remix by March 15 

The deadline for signups will be Monday, January 25.  Sign up by commenting on this post.  

When you sign up, please tell me:
1) If there is any story you've written that you very much do NOT want remixed. I want this to be fun for you, so if there are any fics of yours that you would hate to have remixed, please feel free to tell me
2) If you do not like slash, you can tell me this and I will assign you a writer who has written at least two stories that do not contain slash. I will identify the stories in question for you
3) Which pairings you'd prefer to write. I will try to take this into account but can make no promises
4)  If there's anything that would deeply disturb or upset you, and I will try to let the writer remixing you know this 
5) A link to your fic (on Ao3, or elsewhere) 

According to Fanlore: Remixing techniques include (but are not limited to):
-retelling the same events from a different character's point of view
-switching the narrative voice (e.g. from first to third person)
-changing the tone of a story
-focusing on a different point in time in the same sequence of events,
-covering a smaller or larger scope of events,
-writing an 

Given our fandom's long tradition of
HEXing both fic and canon, hexes will also be welcome.

Note: Your fic is not "for" your writer in the sense that an exchange fic is for your recipient, however - please try to be respectful to the original work when you remix. 

I hope to see you in the comments section of this post. Please also feel free to ask questions!
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