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Signups for 'BlakeFest 2' are OPEN (early - because I felt like it)

You'll find the sign-up form below. Submit your form, with the types of fic, art, podfic, vids, graphics or meta you want to create and receive, by Friday 22nd August. After that, all the forms will be shuffled and you'll receive at least three prompts for fic and possibly art, podfic, meta, graphics or vids from which to choose your project. Probably the next day.

How to sign up:

1: READ THE RULES. If you have any questions, the answer's probably in the rules. If it isn't, leave a comment.

2: FILL OUT THE FORM. There are separate forms for art and fic and podfic and vids and graphics and meta, all of which can be copypasted from the text box below. You have to request fic, but you can also request any combination of the other media. (N.B. You have to leave three prompts for any category you wish to play in).

You can sign up to produce fic, art, podfic, vids, graphics, meta or any of the above. Although you have to leave multiple prompts, you will only have to answer one (even if you agree to produce any of the genres). There are prompt guidelines in the rules.

3: SUBMIT THE FORM in a comment to this post. All comments will be screened to protect your privacy and keep you all in suspense.

4: Your prompts should arrive on a day or two after the 22nd. The idea is that you post your finished project between 25th and 27th October.

EXAMPLE: (N.B These are not my real prompts, but feel free to take any you like)
Journal: [personal profile] aralias
Fic/art journal (if different): N/A

I want to receive: fic and art
I want to create: fic

Prompt 1: Avon and Vila have to duel for Jenna's honour.
Prompt 2: Blake and Jenna go on a beach holiday. (Would not say no to some Blake/Jenna, or unrequited Jenna/Vila)
Prompt 3: Blake/Avon - cross-dressing unconvincingly for the revolution. Avon hates it. If there was sex, that'd be good.

Prompt 1: Travis hiding in a cupboard with hundreds of cans of soup and toilet roll.
Prompt 2: Unexpected baby acquisition! Ideally one per crew member - how do they deal with the baby???
Prompt 3: Blake/Avon - cross-dressing unconvincingly for the revolution.

Would you be OK with your un-filled prompts being released onto the anon meme (anonymously) after the fest? I would be OK with it.

Want to write: Vv happy to write B/A (any rating) or ensemble fic or... anything really - I like Blake and Avon the best, but I like the rest of them very much too. Would probably write anything, to be honest, even things I don't ship. I've heard Big Finish stuff and the core B7 media stuff.
Won't write: I'd prefer not to write kinky porn for things I don't ship - or anything that proves that Blake is evil. But otherwise - anything really.
Available to pinch-hit for fic? y
Wanna beta? sure

You can edit your prompt any time from now until the 22nd. DW users can just edit their comments. I don't know about OpenID people (try, though), and anon comments definitely can't be edited, but if you leave more an one comment I'll use the latest version.

If comments aren't working for whatever reason, email me at
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