Mar. 1st, 2014

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There was a light the last time we spoke (9806 words) by Clocketpatch

Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jenna Stannis/Zen, Kerr Avon/Roj Blake
Characters: Jenna Stannis, Zen (Blake's 7), Del Tarrant, Dev Tarrant, Kerr Avon, Orac (Blake's 7), Liberator Crew, Dayna Mellanby, Vila Restal, Cally (Blake's 7)
Additional Tags: Forgiveness, Dysfunctional Family, Tarrant being rubbish, Liberator women being awesome, Pre-TWB, Season/Series 03, Pre-Canon


Tarrant is determined to be successful at any cost.
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Blakefest 1 is now officially over!

The full masterlist can be found here. (I think) all the fics have also been added to the AO3 Collection.

The collection and the comm will remain open, and, unless I was asked not to post them, all the unused prompts have been posted to the meme. If you do make something in response to a Blakefest prompt, feel free to add it to either the comm or the collection. And if your fic/art/vid has filled a prompt on the meme, please do link to it there as well. And remember to cross post!

Blakefest 2 (puns welcomed) will open for sign-ups on Friday the 8th of August. Sign-ups will close on the 22nd, and assignments should go out on the 24th. Then you'll have 2 months of writing with fics etc due in the 25-27th October.

Blakefest 3 will (hopefully) open for sign-ups on the 10th December.


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